ESL BLUE(s)   Troubleshooting: pre-intermediate quiz 1   

First Day at College

This is a troubleshooting quiz. It determines your level and helps you pinpoint your errors. Do the quiz and then click on "Correct" to get your score and a list of your errors. For each error you can go to a quiz that can help you understand and correct the error.
1. Bob:Hi. Can you help me. I'm looking for the language department?
Linda:Just follow me. That's where I __________.
am going

2. Bob:Well thank you very much. Is it far?
Linda:No, it's not ____________ far. We'll be there in five minutes.
too much

3. Bob:By the way, my name's Bob.
Linda:Pleased to meet you, Bob. My name's Linda. I __________ my first day here. I was lost, just like you.
am remembering

4. Bob:I'm from Toronto. _____________________
Linda:Mexico City.
Where are you?
Who are you?
Where are you from?
Where are you coming from?

5. Bob:What are you studying here?
Linda:History. I am very __________ in the history of Native Americans .

6. Bob:It must be very interesting. What __________ when you graduate?
Linda:Teach, probably. But I may continue studying and get an M.A.
do you do
are you doing
will you do
did you do

7. Bob:So tell me what __________ of this university. Do you like it?
Linda:Yes, very much. I feel very much at home here.
you are thinking
you think
are you thinking
do you think

8. Bob:I hope there are lots of student activities. I don't want to spend all my time studying.
Linda:Don't worry. There are __________ student associations. You won't get bored.

9. Bob:Where can I get _________ about student activities?
Linda:At the students union building.
some information
some informations
any informations

10. Bob:Ah! That must be the sports complex. Do you know if it ________ a swimming pool?
Linda:Of course. The sports complex has everything.
there are
there is

11. Bob:________ is the pool?
Linda:It's very big. I think it's an olympic-sized pool.
What big
How big
What is the size

12. Bob:I suppose I need a student card ___________ use the pool.
Linda:Yes, and also when you use the library.
for to

13. Bob:__________ any banks on the campus?
Linda:Yes, many. The campus has everything.
Are there
There are
They have

14. Bob:Are you living on the campus?
Linda:No. I'm sharing an apartment with my ____________. She's a student too.
sister's boyfriend
boyfriend's sister
the boyfriend's sister
the sister's boyfriend

15. Bob:Is your boyfriend a student too?
Linda:Yes. He's studying ___________, just like you.
the languages
the language
any languages

16. Bob:Tell me, what are my chances of finding a cheap apartment?
Linda:Well, that depends. __________ for an apartment near the campus?
You look
You are looking
Do you look
Are you looking

17. Bob:Yes, if it's not too expensive.
Linda:Apartments near the campus are very expensive. In fact, they are probably __________ apartments in the city.
the most expensive
most expensive
more expensive
the more expensive

18. Bob:That's too bad.
Linda:Well, there is a very good transportation system, so you __________ live near the campus.
don't have to

19. Bob:No. I prefer to live near the campus, so that __________ I have to find another student to share an apartment with me.
Linda:I think it's the only solution.
is meaning

20. Bob:What's the weather like here in the winter? Does it rain a lot?
Linda:No, it __________ very much, but we get a lot of snow. This is Montreal after all.
isn't raining
doesn't rain
didn't rain
don't rain

21. Bob:Tell me, what ______________ here on weekends?
Linda:Some do sports, some party, some study, some relax. There are a lot of things to do.
do people do
do people
people do
does people do

22. Linda:So tell me, Bob. Why __________ to study German?
Bob:I like German and my parents are of German origin.
you choose
you chose
did you choose
did you chose

23. Linda:Did you learn it at home, from your parents?
Bob:No, at school. My parents __________ German.
they don't speak
don't speak
not speak
no speak

24. Linda:Did you have the opportunity to visit Germany while you were studying the language?
Bob:Yes, I __________ there last year. I discovered my German was quite good.
am going
am gone

25. Linda:Well here's the Language department. I wish you the best of luck in your studies.
Bob:Thank you. It was nice meeting you, Linda, and thanks for all the information. It's only my first day and you __________ me so much about the university.
Linda:You're welcome. And good luck.
did teach

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