ESL Blues Baseball: non-progressive verbs

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My friend's favorite sport: baseball

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1 This is my friend Trevor. He __________ baseball. (love)
     is loving

2 In fact, he is a baseball fanatic and __________ every day from April to October.
     is playing

3 His teammates __________ that he is a very good player.
     are thinking

4 It is just the beginning of the season now, and already he __________ very well.
     is playing

5 Look at the picture. Trevor __________ the ball very hard.
     is hitting

6 He always __________ the ball very hard, but ...
     is hitting

7 ... I __________ that this is going to be a home run.
     am feeling

8 You can't see it, but at this moment, the ball __________ over the far wall. Yes, it's going to be a home run.
     is flying

9 I know what my friend __________ right now.
     is thinking

10 He __________ to win the championship and...
     is wanting

11 ... he __________ that his team has a good chance.
     is believing

12 People say that they __________ a good chance.
     are having

13 Who __________? It's too early in the season to predict that.
     is knowing

14 If they are serious about the championship, it __________ a lot of hard work.
     is meaning

15 Of course, if they continue to play like they __________ now, they will probably be champions.
     are playing

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