ESL BLUE(s)   Troubleshooting something, anything, nothing, etc.   

Correct FormsCommon Errors

I didn't bring anything to drink.
I don't know anybody at the party.
There isn't anywhere else to go.

I didn't bring nothing to drink.
I don't know nobody at the party.
There isn't nowhere else to go.
  • The words nothing, nobody, nowhere are already negative; consequently, you do not use these words with "not." The following paired sentences are interchangeable:
    • I do not know anybody in my apartment building.   I know noboby in my apartment building.
    • I don't know anything about it.   I know nothing about it.

Did you understand anything I said?

Did you understand something I said?
  • We usually use anything, anybody, anywhere when asking questions, although this is not a hard and fast rule..

There is nobody here.

There is no body here. (This means that there is no dead body here.)
  • The combination words somebody, something, somewhere, etc. are spelled as one word, not two. The only exception to this rule is the word no one.

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