Night Skiing

Bob and Linda are planning a ski trip. Fill the blank spaces with much or many.
            Example:   How many blank spaces are there in this quiz? There are twelve.
            Example:   How much time will it take you? Just a few minutes.
Bob:Hey Linda. Want to come skiing with us?
Linda:You're not serious. It's five o'clock and it's getting dark.
Bob:I know, but we're going to Morin Heights. They have night skiing and it's not too expensive.
Linda:How is a ski pass?
Bob:After 6 p.m. it's only 10 bucks.
Linda:How people are going?
Bob:Eight in all, if you come.
Linda:Eight! How cars are you taking?
Bob:Just two, with four people in each. Coming?
Linda:Maybe I will. How time do I have to get ready?
Bob:Lots. We're not leaving until six.
Linda:I may need to go to the bank first. How money do I need?
Bob:Only about twenty bucks. Ten for the ski pass, three for gas, and if we get hungry, we can stop at a McDonald's. A big Mac's just a couple of bucks, and how big Macs can you eat?
Linda:Okay. I have enough money for that. So tell me, what are the skiing conditions like? How snow do they have at Morin Heights?
Bob:Lots. The skiing conditions are perfect. Trust me.
Linda:And how intermediate trails do they have? I'm not an expert skier.
Bob:Lots. Don't worry. You'll be fine.
(Later, on the way home from the ski hill)
Linda:Wow! What a great ski hill. I even skied on the expert run. I don't know how times I fell, but it was a lot of fun anyway. So tell me, Bob, how do I owe you for gas?
Bob:Let me check how gas I have left in the tank. That's how I know how liters I used. Yeah, I used about 20 liters, so that's 12 bucks divided by four, so each person owes me three bucks. Is that okay?
Linda:Of course.

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