ESL Blues   The Old Port: present tenses   

Montreal's Old Port: News Report

This is a news report about Montreal's tourist site: the Old Port. Fill the gaps with the correct form of the present tenses (simple present and present continuous). Look at the examples in the first part.
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    Anchor: And for our last news item, we'd like to talk about tourism in our city. Every summer thousands of tourists  come  to Montreal to enjoy all the wonderful things our city has to offer. Well, summer is here again and the tourists are back. One of the most popular tourist spots in the city is the old port, and our reporter, Joanne Chang, is in Old Montreal right now and she  is having  a lot of fun. Isn't that right, Joanne?

    Reporter: Definitely. I'm here in the old port with the camera crew and we  (walk)  around so you can see all the activities. It's only 10 a.m. but there are already lots of people. Some are hungry and they    (stand)  in line in front of the hot dog stands. Hot dogs at this time of day! Uuuuugh. Here's someone eating a hot dog. I  (think)  he's a tourist. Let's ask him if the hot dog's good. Sir?
    Man: Yes.
    Reporter: We are interviewing tourists to get their opinion of our city. Can I ask you a couple of questions?
    Man: Of course.
    Reporter: I notice you  (eat)  a hot dog at 10 a.m. Isn't it a bit early for hot dogs?
    Man: Hey, this is my breakfast. I  (like)  hot dogs and l'm on vacation. I always  (eat)  hot dogs when I am on vacation.
    Reporter: Of course. I hope it tastes good.
    Man: You bet. It's delicious.
    Reporter: Are you here alone?
    Man: No, I'm here with my family. We're from Texas. We  (love)  your city.
    Reporter: Where's the rest of your family.
    Man: Well, my daughter is over there. She  (buy)  tickets for the Imax movie theater. They  (show)  a great movie about dinosaurs. My son is at the sporting goods store over there. He  (rent)  roller blades. He  (want)  to learn how to rollerblade and this is the perfect place for that. There are no cars so it's safe.
    Reporter: Yes, it's very safe. People often  (come)  here to learn how to rollerblade.
    Man: As for my wife, she  (shop) . She's at that boutique over there. Look! She's the tall woman. She  (wear) a blue dress. I don't know what she  (buy) , but it's probably a gift for her mother. She always  (buy)  gifts when she is on vacation. And everything is so cheap here in Montreal.
    Reporter: Yes, well the Canadian dollar is so low. Thank you very much, and enjoy your stay. Ah, here's another tourist. Excuse me, Madam. Do you have a moment? We  (ask)  tourists to tell us what they like about our city.
    Woman: It's very nice. I  (have)  a wonderful time. Everyone is so friendly.
    Reporter: Where are you from?
    Woman: Montreal.
    Reporter: Oh! So you're not really a tourist then.
    Woman: Yes, I am. You see, I  (believe)  that the only way to appreciate your own city is to imagine that you're a tourist, and that's what I  (do)  right now. I  (pretend)     that I am a tourist and that I  (visit)  Montreal for the first time in my life. I  (try)  to see Montreal as a tourist sees it. Everything is new and exciting. I  (suppose)  it's difficult for you to understand.
    Reporter: No, not at all. I  (agree)  with you. It's a very good attitude to have. Thank you very much. And that's all we have time for now, so back to you, Louise.
    Anchor: Thank you, Joanne, and that is all the news we have today. Tune in tomorrow at the same time, and have a good day.

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