Vocabulary in context

Choose the correct meaning for the word as it is used in the text.

  1. pulled up
    a) approached
    b) came
    c) stopped
    d) passed

  2. a witness
    a) a suspect
    b) a victim
    c) someone who saw the crime
    d) someone who committed the crime

  3. at once
    a) soon
    b) quickly
    c) one time only
    d) immediately

  4. gratefully
    a) with gratitude
    b) with impatience
    c) with surprise
    d) with joy

  5. A light comes on when you
    a) switch it on
    b) put it on
    c) turn it on
    d) all of the above

  6. stare
    a) look with intensity
    b) look with surprise
    c) look with impatience
    d) all of the above

  7. upset
    a) distressed
    b) impatient
    c) surprised
    d) disappointed

  8. rushed
    a) went
    b) went urgently
    c) went carefully
    d) went patiently

  9. An accountant
    a) sells products
    b) works with (money) accounts
    c) punishes criminals
    d) manages a company

  10. If a company goes bankrupt it
    a) fails
    b) prospers
    c) borrows money from the bank
    d) none of the above