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Main Index | Time limit stuck  stick     chose  choose    cleaned  clean     cried  cry    phoned  phone    hoped  hope   wanted  want    lit  light   frowned  frown     built  build   bet  bet    let  let    bit  bite      ate  eat    typed  type    lifted  lift    tipped  tip     rubbed  rub     smoked  smoke    bought  buy     wished  wish     took  take    placed  place     yelled  yell     call  call    talked  talk   cared  care    tipped  tip   visited  visit     won  win   stood  stand    played play    hoped  hope    asked  ask   looked  look     closed  close   kissed  kiss     fixed  fix    enjoyed  enjoy     helped  help    meant  mean     woke  wake    shut  shut      ended  end    shaved  shave    passed  pass    earned  earn    saved  save     rushed  rush    locked  lock     lived  live    licked  lick    said  say    taught  teach     loved  love   opened  open   played  play     tasted  taste    closed  close     stored  store    raised  raise     sighed  sigh    poured  pour      upset  upset    moved  move    ripped  rip   put  put    shot  shoot     stayed  stay    wished  wish   wasted  waste    owned  own    thought  think     flew  fly    cashed  cash    skated  skate    thought  think    set  set     rode  ride    felt  feel     saved  save    came  come    stole  steal    liked  like   prayed  pray   opened  open   sulked  sulk     found  find    filled  fill     rang  ring     began  begin    joked  joke    skied  ski      tried  try    rushed  rush    mailed  mail    combed  comb    signed  sign     ironed  iron    pressed  press     met  meet    filled  fill    crossed  cross    drew  draw   wrote  write   had  have   heard  hear     grew  grow    phoned  phone     left  leave