ESL BLUE(s)   Common Errors 1: Modern Love   

Write the correct forms of the words in red in the box provided.

1. I think it is good that my mother does not have the same friends than my father. as
2. Actually there are many single-parent families; such families were rare when my parents were young. Nowadays
3. Most marriages today go through very difficults moments. difficult
4. My boyfriend believes in an open relationship but I am not agree. It cannot work. do not
5. I find it very difficult to believe in the love. the
6. I know, for example, that my parents love themselves very much. each other
7. People doesn't realize they must earn the trust of their partners. don't
8. I am very patient. I know that one day I will find the good person for me. right
9. Now I am very happy because I share my life with someone. am sharing
10. Nobody want to be alone. Everybody is looking for someone special. wants

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