ESL BLUES adjectives ending in -ing and -ed

Write the correct form of the adjective in the box.

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Numbers 1 and 2 are given as examples.

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Correct Forms:
1. Grammar rules frustrate me. They're not logical. They are so __________. frustrating
2. They frustrate me but they don't bore me. I am never __________ when I study grammar. bored
3. Normally a language class stimulates me. Of course, it depends on the teacher. With some teachers I don't feel __________. stimulated
4. Their classes bore me. And I'm not the only one. Many students find these classes very __________. boring
5. If teachers want to interest the students, they must use __________ material. interesting
6. How can teachers interest students? One way is to have __________ discussions. interesting
7. Certain subjects interest almost everybody. For example, most students are __________ in the subject of crime and morality. interested
8. It's important to speak in a language class, but it frightens many students. They are too __________ to speak in front of so many people. frightened
9. And me? Well, certain things frighten me, but not that. I am never __________ when I speak in class. frightened
10. Exams, however, really frighten me. Exams are the only __________ thing in a language course. frightening
11. Exams tire me, both physically and emotionally. After a two-hour exam I am really __________. tired
12. All the mental effort exhausts the student. Ask anybody. They all agree. Exams are __________. exhausting
13. But if I get a good grade, now that excites me. And if I get more than ninety percent, I am really __________. excited
14. In conclusion, I must confess that languages fascinate me. I will always want to learn a new and __________ language. fascinating

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