ESL BLUE(s)   Bill Gates and I: simple present forms / antonyms   

Bill Gates and I (again)

Instructions: Use the antonyms (opposites) of the words in italics to show how I am different from Bill Gates. Look at the model:

1. He is rich. (poor)

2. He lives in a big house. (small)

3. He wears expensive clothes. (cheap, inexpensive)

4. He drives a new car. (old)

5. He earns a high salary. (low)

6. He knows a lot about computers. (little)

7. He does his work in a large office. (small)

8. His bank account is full. (empty)

9. I have a cheap car. (expensive)

10. I know little about computers. (a lot)

11. I'm stupid with money. (intelligent)

12. He can do a lot with his money. (little)

13. I rarely travel. (often)

14. I have little experience in the business world. (a lot of)

15. I have minor problems and minor headaches. (major)

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